The best hardware crypto wallets 2023

Cryptocurrency storage requires a high level of security. This is because they are not regulated and protected by governments. Cryptocurrencies are protected by cryptographic methods such as digital signatures and hashing. This makes them more resistant to hacking, but does not provide complete security.


So, investors and users of cryptocurrencies should take steps to secure their assets. This includes using secure platforms and wallets to store cryptocurrencies.

To protect against the loss of cryptocurrency, it is suggested to use hardware cryptocurrency wallets.

What is a hardware wallet?

Hardware crypto wallets are devices that are used to store cryptocurrencies. They are very reliable and protected from cyber threats and hacker attacks. Investors and traders prefer them for storing cryptocurrencies because they provide most security. If you are planning to store cryptocurrencies, you are most likely looking for a reliable hardware wallet.

How do hardware wallets work?

The principle of hardware wallets is when operations are performed inside the device. That is, to manage cryptocurrencies, it does not need to be connected to the computer to which it is connected. That way, even if your computer is compromised, attackers won’t get to your keys.

When a user sends or receives cryptocurrency from any wallet, the transaction must be “signed” using their private key. In a hardware wallet, transactions are signed within the wallet using a “crypto bridge.” A crypto bridge is software that facilitates the connection of a hardware wallet to a blockchain.

hardware wallet

How it works:
1) Connect your hardware wallet to your computer.
2) The bridge sends unsigned transaction data to your wallet.
3) Your wallet signs the transactions and uploads them back to the bridge.
4) The bridge broadcasts them to the blockchain network as completed.

The 5 best hardware crypto wallets

We’ve compiled the top 5 hardware wallets in 2023 that might interest potential users.

1. Ledger Nano X

ledger nano x

Supported Cryptocurrencies: 5500+

Built-in Bluetooth: yes

Size: 72mm x 19mm x 12mm

Weight: 34g

Features: proprietary operating system, Ledger Live application, access to DeFi-applications, NFT.

Ledger Nano X is one of the most popular hardware wallets on the market. It has a Ledger Live app that provides a user interface for all your assets. The wallet has a Secure Element chip and its own operating system. This allows the user’s coins to be protected.

2. Trezor Model T

trezor model t

Supported Cryptocurrencies: 1000+

Built-in Bluetooth: no

Size: 64mm x 39mm x 10mm

Weight: 22g

Features: touch screen, cold storage function, access to exchanges through the interface of the site.

Trezor Model T – no less popular than the Ledger Nano X wallet, but has significant differences. With the touch screen, the newcomer will find it easier to manage the wallet, because the previous model had a mechanical buttons. The wallet has a built-in password manager and two-factor authentication. Has Shamir backup (Trezor Model T only).

3. Ellipal Titan

elipal titan

Supported Cryptocurrencies: 10000+

Built-in Bluetooth: Yes

Size: 118mm x 66mm x 10mm

Weight: 340g

Features: metal, has a 4-inch HD touch screen, 5 megapixel camera, long-lasting battery.

Ellipal Titan – has good security features, supports offline firmware update. Wallet supports interactive QR-code, automatic self-destruction in case of unauthorized interference. There is more protection through pin code gestures.

4. Safepal S1

safepal s1

Supported Cryptocurrencies: 10000+

Built-in Bluetooth: no

Size: 113mm x 96mm x 30mm

Weight: 126g

Features: has a minimalistic design, small screen and compact size, QR-code scanning camera. The wallet also has its own application for managing cryptocurrencies and NFT.

Safepal S1 – supports 15 languages and 54 blockchains (more are being added). The wallet is 100% autonomous, that is, it is isolated from external Internet connections. It has an independent EAL 5+ security element, a real random number generator and self-destruction mechanism. As of today, the wallet supports 54 blockchains.

5. SecuX V20

secux v20

Supported Cryptocurrencies: 1000+

Built-in Bluetooth: yes

Size: 15mm x 98mm x 98mm

Weight: 120g

Features: has a large touch screen, supports transactions with many signatures. The wallet has a long battery life due to a high-capacity battery.

SecuX V20 is a high-level wallet with tamper-proof and military-grade encryption. Military grade encryption is provided by an integrated Infineon Secure Element chip. It features tamper-proof, independent EAL 5+ security element and its own app for Android and iOS.

Other popular hardware crypto wallets

6. KeepKey


Supported Cryptocurrencies: 300+

Built-in Bluetooth: no

Size: 38mm x 94mm x 12mm

Weight: 54g

Features: has an easy-to-read display, built-in ShapeShift service (coin exchange inside the vault). Wallet exchanges cryptocurrencies from the device with built-in Thorchain integration.

KeepKey is a stylish wallet, which is why it made our list. It has an easy and simple recovery system. It has PIN protection, more password protection, customizable transaction speed, unlimited wallet addresses. Also user’s personal keys are generated, which provides several levels of security.

7. BitBox02


Supported Cryptocurrencies: 1500+

Built-in Bluetooth: no

Size: 55mm x 25mm x 10mm

Weight: 12g

Features: Wallet has a minimalistic design, small and compact size, bright display. It is interesting that this wallet is available in two versions: multi-currency and Bitcoin wallet. The wallet is gesture-controlled using the sidebar, and also supports the “swipe” gesture.

BitBox02 is an interesting wallet and unusual due to its gesture support. It has a connection to any Dapp in the Ethereum ecosystem. It has a universal second factor (U2F). U2F provides the ability to log into online accounts using BitBox02 as a physical security key. BitBox02 also has a built-in microSD card slot.

8. Coldcard Mk4

coldcard mk4

Supported Cryptocurrencies: Bitcoin only

Built-in Bluetooth: no

Size: 88mm x 52mm x 10mm

Weight: 30g

Features: has a minimalistic design, small screen and compact size, QR-code scanning camera. The wallet also has its own app for managing cryptocurrencies and NFT.

Coldcard Mk4 – works for Bitcoin. The uniqueness of the wallet lies in the fact that a special crypto-security chip has been developed for it. The user’s private key is stored on a special security chip, not in the flash memory of the microcontroller. Besides, the wallet has unlimited memory, with no limit on the size of a bitcoin transaction.

9. Keystone Pro

keystone pro

Supported Cryptocurrencies: 5500+

Built-in Bluetooth: no

Size: 112mm x 65mm x 18mm

Weight: 115g

Features: has a large touch screen, stylish design, removable battery and AAA battery support. Keystone is an official partner of ConsenSys (the company that developed MetaMask). It is the first hardware wallet integrated with MetaMask Mobile.

Keystone Pro caught our attention with its smartphone-style design. The wallet is authenticated by fingerprint. Transactions are signed using a QR code, has a self-destruct mechanism in case of unauthorized tampering. The only way to communicate with the blockchain is through a camera and QR codes. Supports more than 200 blockchains, more than 25 software wallets.

10. BC Vault

bc vault

Supported Cryptocurrencies: 2000+

Built-in Bluetooth: no

Size: 100mm x 57mm x 10mm

Weight: 41g

Features: has a stylish and individual (optional) design, aluminum or plastic housing, compact size. It has an informative display, supports NFT, comes with a 1 GB microSD card.

BC Vault is a stylish hardware wallet. We were attracted to its marketing, because each BC Vault wallet comes preloaded with 1.0 BTC. If you break the encryption on the wallet, that Bitcoin is yours! Has advanced security features such as encrypted backups and secure QR code transactions. Works with FRAM technology to store user data for up to 200 years. According to the manufacturer, BC Vault supports all major blockchains.

11. Keycard


Supported Cryptocurrencies: 1000+

Built-in Bluetooth: no

Size: 54mm x 86mm x 1mm

Weight: 5g

Features: has a slim, compact design, several color designs, can fit into a purse in the credit card section.

Keycard – differs from those before described in that it is a new type of smart card. That is, it is a contactless wallet, based on NFC technology. NFC is designed for secure signing and authorizing transactions and payments. It has an open-source API for easy integration with cryptocurrencies, DApps and hardware. Designed for secure contactless sending, storing and receiving of cryptocurrencies. Has an independent EAL 5+ security element.

12. D’CENT Biometric

dcent biometric

Supported Cryptocurrencies: 3000+

Built-in Bluetooth: yes

Size: 43mm x 78mm x 11mm

Weight: 36g

Features: large display, fingerprint scanner, many buttons for easy navigation. It does not need to be backed up during firmware updates.

D’CENT Biometric Wallet is a hardware wallet with advanced biometric authentication technology. It uses fingerprint recognition to access the user’s digital assets. It has a secure EAL 5+ security element. The wallet’s operating system is built into the microprocessor. Also supports PIN code authentication.

13. CoolWallet Pro

coolwallet pro

Supported Cryptocurrencies: 12000+

Built-in Bluetooth: yes

Size: 54mm x 86mm x 1mm

Weight: 5g

Features: stylish and ergonomic design. Has a light weight and credit card form factor. Integrates with NFT in application with Rarible and OpenSea, and supports staking.

CoolWallet Pro is a hardware wallet designed for use with a smartphone. The manufacturer states that this is the first hardware wallet with support for NFT trading functions in the application. Among all the wallets we presented, it is the only one with a certified EAL 6+ secure element. It supports 27 blockchains and works on an encrypted Bluetooth connection.

14. Tangem


Supported Cryptocurrencies: 1000+

Built-in Bluetooth: no

Size: 54mm x 86mm x 1mm

Weight: 5g

Features: has a slim, compact design, credit card form factor, will fit in your wallet in the credit card section. Integrates with NFT in application with Rarible and OpenSea, and also supports staking. Stable in temperatures from -25 to +50 degrees Celsius. The lifetime of the chip is more than 25 years.

Tangem – the manufacturer of this card wallet assures that it is the safest in the world. Yes, like the CoolWallet Pro, Tangem has the new EAL 6+ security level. Private keys are generated by the wallet’s built-in chip. To use your cryptocurrency, you need to bring your card to your phone. To protect yourself from loss, up to 3 cards can be linked to one wallet, and they will all have equal opportunity. Data is encrypted using 3 DES, AES, RSA, and ECC technologies.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a hardware crypto wallet?

A hardware crypto wallet is a physical device used to store cryptocurrencies. They provide security and strong protection by storing private keys in an isolated location away from the internet.

How does a hardware crypto wallet work?

A hardware wallet connects to a computer and the user can manage their cryptocurrencies through an app installed on the device. When the user wants to make a transaction, they connect the wallet to the device and confirm the transaction on the device.

Which hardware crypto wallet is the safest?

There is no definite answer to this question. All hardware wallets provide a high level of security, but each one has its own unique features.

How often should I update my hardware crypto wallet software?

It is recommended that you update your hardware wallet software after updates are released.

Can I use one hardware crypto wallet to store many cryptocurrencies?

Yes, many hardware wallets support storing many cryptocurrencies. Check the supported currencies before buying. Most often such wallets are called multi-currency wallets.

Can I store cryptocurrencies in an online wallet instead of a hardware wallet?

Storing cryptocurrency assets in an online wallet is less secure than storing them in a hardware wallet. Online wallets are susceptible to cyberattacks and hacks, so hardware wallets are recommended.

Can I use a hardware crypto wallet without the internet?

Yes, many hardware wallets can work without the internet. This provides an extra level of security because the private keys are in a separate, isolated device.


There are many great hardware crypto wallets out there. When choosing a hardware wallet, consider its capabilities and the number of supported cryptocurrencies. In any case, the choice of a hardware wallet for each user is individual, depending on his preferences. By choosing the right hardware wallet, you will be sure that your digital assets are completely safe.

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