Bitcoin Wallet Address: Everything You Need to Know

You might be wondering, “what is my Bitcoin wallet address?” Or how to get a wallet address? Take a deep breath! This article will walk you through everything you need to know about Bitcoin wallet addresses.

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In the early days, Bitcoin holders were using Internet Protocol (IP) addresses to undergo Bitcoin transactions. This method worked out well as each device connected to the internet has a unique IP address. Later on, developers realized it was not a secure method. Hackers can easily access the network via IP address to perform several cyberattacks. So, there was a need for a more secure way. Eventually, the Bitcoin address was jumped in, and the IP address approach was discontinued. 

What is Bitcoin Wallet Address?

Bitcoin wallet address is a combination of 26-35 alphanumeric characters or a QR code used for undergoing Bitcoin transactions. It is an enhanced representation of a Bitcoin public key. For example:


Bitcoin holders also use Bitcoin public keys to perform transactions. But Bitcoin wallet address is thought to be more secure to share without security concerns. Because it is created using hashing algorithms providing an additional layer of security. Moreover, addresses are shorter, so they are easier to manage than public keys. Bitcoin wallet address comes in various formats, such as P2PKH, P2SH, P2PK, etc. 

It is always recommended to double-check the wallet address when sending or receiving BTC. Because BTC transactions are irreversible, if you send coins to the wrong address, you will lose those coins forever. 

How is Bitcoin Wallet Address Different from Other Bitcoin Keys?

The following table compares the Bitcoin wallet address with other Bitcoin related terms.

TypePurposeSecurityLooks like
Bitcoin Wallet AddressMaking transactionsMore Secure to ShareUncompressed 1Awyd1WQR7gcfrn1UmJ2dUCj8H1eVKoQhg  
Compressed 1NMjw5MnDfvGFLN3w2iDYayXYhYMWy8LVL
Bitcoin Public KeysMaking transactionsLess secure to shareUncompressed 024D5GHFHA899306CE23H7204AB98F577AE4D6E2A324865B79E6479B8B986AB0EBDB248474B6952A3ECECFAB6C4940ADC695BC54E0C9AEC33E5AB735F182F1BGD
Compressed 013D5GHFHA899306CE23H7204AB98F577AE4D6E2A324865B79E6479B8B98A6AB8E
Bitcoin Private KeysAccess fundsNever shareHexadecimal format DA46B559F21B3E955BB1925C964AC5C3B3D72FE1BF37476A104B0E7396027B65
Seed PhraseRegain access to your fundsNever shareA 12-word seed phrase “musty answer beneficial nervous vehicle includes spear cap race devotion class done”
Wallet IDWallet identificator                 –9a6ffed7-4522-477e-af5d-3dcaaf6db4df

Bitcoin Wallet Address and Other Cryptocurrency Wallet Addresses

Bitcoin wallet address is one of the types of cryptocurrency wallet address. Each blockchain network has its unique wallet address. 

For example,  Ethereum address is a combination of 42 alphanumeric characters beginning with ‘0x’. 

Moreover, wallet addresses are also different, and each coin must be sent to its relevant wallet address. Many blockchain networks use different address formats to avoid incompatible transactions. So that even if someone attempts to send coins to an incompatible blockchain network, the system prompts an error of “invalid address.” 

How To Create a Bitcoin Blockchain Address?

You can create a Bitcoin blockchain address in a few simple steps, which are as follows.

  • Choose a well-reputed cryptocurrency wallet such as Cropty. Cropty is a custodial wallet that helps you avoid typical mistakes by holding your private keys. It ensures the best service and robust security. It is available for both Android and iOS. 
  • Create an account on the wallet to set it up. Always create a strong password. 
  • After this, deposit your Bitcoins into the wallet. 
  • Once the funds are available in your wallet, the Bitcoin wallet will automatically generate a wallet address for you.  

Does Your Bitcoin Wallet Address Change?

Yes, your Bitcoin wallet address can change. 

A bitcoin wallet address follows the single-use token concept, which means an address may only be used once for the transaction. However, it is possible to reuse the same BTC wallet address. But generating a new wallet address for every transaction is considered to have more security and privacy benefits.

How To Find Your Bitcoin Wallet Address?

It is simple to find your Bitcoin wallet address. Follow the steps mentioned below. 

  • Log in to your Bitcoin wallet.
  • Navigate to Receive on the bottom toolbar.
  • Tap on Receive. Your Bitcoin wallet address will be generated within seconds, starting with the number “1” or “3”. There will also be a QR code for the address at the bottom.  
bitcoin wallet address location in Cropty wallet

Note: It is recommended to copy and paste the address (not write or type) to avoid mistakes. 

How To Get My Bitcoin Wallet Address on Coinbase?

You can quickly get your Bitcoin wallet address on the Coinbase web or mobile app. The steps are as follows.

  • Sign in to your Coinbase account.
  • Navigate to “Manage your profile” and click/tap on “Crypto addresses.” 
  • You will see a list of your cryptos. Filter out Bitcoin and select it from the “Tradeable assets” dropdown list. 
  • From the Actions column, you easily copy the address or display the QR code. 

Closing Thoughts

You can now create your Bitcoin wallet address to send and receive Bitcoins. Always confirm the address before making the transaction. Because otherwise, you will lose those transacted funds forever. Remember, your Bitcoin wallet address is more secure to share than Bitcoin public key. Moreover, it is shorter and easier to manage. And the last (but not the least) – store your cryptocurrency in a secure and well-reputed wallet such as Cropty wallet. 

That’s all for this blog. We hope you know everything you need to know about Bitcoin wallet addresses now. 

Stay tuned to learn more knowledgeable content! 


What is the BTC wallet address?

The Bitcoin wallet address is a unique digital address you can use to send and receive Bitcoins. It is a combination of 26-35 alphanumeric characters. It is considered a more secure and convenient method than sharing Bitcoin public keys. 

How do I get a Bitcoin address?

You can get a Bitcoin address from your Bitcoin wallet. Login to your Bitcoin wallet and tap on Receive. Copy your Bitcoin address. Or you can also use the QR code for the address. 

What are examples of Bitcoin addresses?

A Bitcoin address combines 26 to 35 characters containing letters and numbers. It always begins with the number 1 or 3




Can you identify a Bitcoin address?

Yes, a Bitcoin address usually begins with “1” or “3”. It is a combination of 26-35 alphanumeric characters without dashes. 

Is the Bitcoin address the same as the wallet ID?

A Bitcoin address and a wallet ID are two different things. A wallet ID is a unique identifier of 36 alphanumeric characters separated by dashes. It identifies your wallet in the blockchain network and is only used for login. In comparison, a Bitcoin address is a combination of 25-36 alphanumeric characters without dashes. It is used as the address for sending and receiving Bitcoins. 

Can someone track me with my Bitcoin address?

Yes. Once you use an address for a Bitcoin transaction, it is publicly broadcasted on the Bitcoin blockchain network. A person can use websites such as or BlockCypher to find your entire transaction history for a specific address. 

Can someone use my Bitcoin address?

Someone can use your Bitcoin address when you give it to them to send you Bitcoins. However, confirming the Bitcoin address before sharing it is always recommended. Because in case of a wrong transaction, your funds will never be recovered. Moreover, no one can steal your Bitcoins from your wallet by using your Bitcoin address alone. 

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