WWE NFTs – Where to Buy?

WWE NFTs – Where to Buy?

WWE NFTs are unique collectibles on the Ethereum blockchain and are officially sold at WWE Moonsault. Learn more about these NFTs and other places to buy from.

World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) is one of the major sources of entertainment around the globe. The matches are translated into 30 languages to broadcast in 180 countries. In the US alone, the broadcast has more than 11 million fans.

As a result, the athletes connected to this sporting franchise have become a well-recognized name around the globe. These individuals are branching out their careers in different industries, including acting, advertisements, and NFTs.

That is why WWE has launched an official NFT-based platform for new, reputable, and greatest-of-all-time wrestlers. The WWE NFTs were launched in the middle of 2021 and sold out quickly. So, it is no surprise that you must be prepared to buy NFTs in the upcoming drop. Fortunately, this blog has all the information on WWE NFT and where to buy them, so you can prepare for your next purchase. Let’s begin!

What is WWE NFT?

NFTs or non-fungible tokens are cryptographic assets on a blockchain. These tokens are identified through unique identification codes and metadata to separate them from other similar NFTs. However, NFTs differ from cryptocurrencies because each has a different monetary value. This means you cannot exchange or trade them equivalently.

As NFTs are another form of art, WWE NFTs allow fans to boast their fandom on the digital level. WWE NFTs are found on the Eluvio Content Fabric. This is a content blockchain based on Ethereum Virtual Machine, which operates on a Proof-Of-Authority consensus mechanism. In simple words, WWE NFT meaning is that every NFT dealing is recorded and visible in the open ledger event log of the blockchain.

WWE’s newly launched NFT platform is called Moonsault Genesis NFTs, which acts as the gateway to lead fans to Web3. Web3 is the new decentralized blockchain technology that allows you (instead of centralized entities) to trade, buy, and own your personal data to share it in a digital ecosystem.

WWE Moonsault

WWE Moonsault is the official marketplace to buy, sell, and trade WWE NFTs. It is also the online portal to access the digital WWE Universe. As the name suggests, the marketplace embodies the daring qualities and fearless spirit of the Moonsault maneuver into the Web3 age.

The primary reason the official NFT marketplace and crushing acrobatic flip share the same name is that the platform is launched to crush its opponents while soaring to new metaphorical heights at digital frontiers. As a member of WWE Moonsault, you can participate in NFT drops and get direct access to exclusive WWE moments of all wrestling superstars.


WWE NFT Flips are a unique and old-school version of NFT collectibles. These new NFTs are upgraded according to Web3 so that you can take your fandom to new heights. With WWE NFT Flips, you can relive legendary wrestling matches and revisit the iconic moments featuring your favorite wrestling stars.

However, Moonsault only offers a limited number of cases containing three randomly selected (through the minting process) NFT Flips. Each Flip case is sold at $30, and you can only open the case after completing your purchase.


The Undertaker NFT Collection

One of the first WWE NFTs included the Undertaker NFTs. These NFTs were dropped before WrestleMania. The tokens were created to commemorate the career of Undertaker, as he retired at the end of 2020.

The Undertaker NFTs had four editions, platinum, gold, silver, and bronze, and they were sold on the NFT marketplace Bitski. The bronze edition only had animations of the Undertaker. Meanwhile, the silver edition included a pair of side plates and the title belt of the WWE championship, signed by the Undertaker. In comparison, gold and platinum NFTs came with videos of famous wrestling moments of Undertaker.

WWE Hell in The Cell NFT Collection

The WWE Hell in The Cell NFT Collection had more than 10,000 NFT Flips, featuring wrestling stars from the Hell in a Cell event. The collection was launched on June 3, while the wrestling match event was broadcasted in a live stream on June 5.

The sales of this NFT collection generated almost $100,000. The NFT WWE Flips were designed to surprise fans after their purchase. Therefore, the Flips transformed and revealed a highlight clip of 10-20 seconds featuring a specific WWE star. For example, the Undertaker NFT revealed a clip from one of his famous matches.

Halloween Drop

WWE has launched a new NFT Flip collection called Halloween Drop NFTs to cherish the spirit of Halloween. These Flip cases are a limited-time edition and feature the most sinister and terrifying moments of the famous WWE matches. Even though the NFTs are selected randomly, you can expect to find Kane, The Boogeyman, and Undertaker on the Flips.

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How to Buy WWE NFT Flips?

Follow these steps to buy your WWE NFT Flips before other people beat you to it.

Create an Account

You need to have an account and a WWE wallet to purchase NFT Flips. Therefore, visit the WWE Moonsault website and create an account with your email or Apple ID. Fill in the important information to make your account live.

Get A Wallet

Moonsault is partnered with Eluvio to provide WWE wallets. Once your account is ready to use, set up your wallet. The NFT wallet is a digital place with a unique ID or a wallet address. You can store cryptocurrency and NFTs in the wallet.


You can use cryptocurrency or money from your credit card to buy the WWE NFTs.

  1. Open your NFT Flip
  2. Click the provided link
  3. Complete transfer

Where Can You Buy WWE NFTs?

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Apart from WWE Moonsault, there are multiple mini-marketplaces you can buy WWE NFTs from. Those are:


OpenSea is a famous NFT marketplace, and it was founded in 2017. On this platform, you can find more than 80 million NFTs, including WWE NFTs. To buy NFTs from OpenSea, you need to have Ethereum and Polygen in your crypto wallet, as OpenSea only supports these cryptocurrencies.


Rarible is a community-centric NFT marketplace. New NFT collections are advertised on the homepage, so you don’t have to dig deep when buying WWE NFTs from Rarible. However, the platform only supports three cryptocurrencies, Ethereum, Tezos, and Flow.

Benefits of WWE NFTs

Benefits of buying WWE NFT Collection

If you are a committed fan of WWE, you must add WWE NFTs to your collection. Sadly, most people do not understand the purpose of buying NFTs. Regardless of other people’s beliefs, there are multiple benefits of owning WWE NFTs, which are:

No Storage Problems

One of the best parts about having an NFT collection is that you don’t have to worry about storage. As a result, you can build and expand your collection as much as you want. In contrast to posters, images, and other real-life memorabilia, you don’t have to place NFTs in a special environment to maintain their pristine condition.

Original Products

When buying WWE items from a shop or personal seller, you don’t have any guarantee that the products are 100% original. You only have to take the seller’s word for it and pay the amount they want. Luckily, this is not the case with NFTs. All WWE NFTs have a unique identification number to set them apart and to show their authenticity. This means you will never have to worry that you are keeping a fake in your collection.

Upselling or NFT Flipping

WWE NFTs are an excellent way to make money. As each NFT collection has limited cases, die-hard fans are unable to make a purchase when the stock runs out. Therefore, you can flip the NFTs, meaning you can buy cheap and sell NFTs at a high price.

The Latest Collection and Predictions

The latest collection offered on the WWE Moonsault was SURVIVOR SERIES: WAR GAMES CASE. The website claimed November 18, 2022 as the release date. WWE Moonsault promised that this Survivor Series Drop featured the beloved Superstars of the WWE Universe.

It is difficult to predict what the future holds for WWE NFTs in 2023. However, it is likely that WWE will continue to innovate and expand their NFT offerings to provide new experiences for their fans. We may see new NFTs featuring exclusive content such as videos and artwork related to WWE Superstars and events. We may also see NFTs offering exclusive access to events, merchandise, and other rewards.

Wrapping Up

WWE launches non-fungible tokens (NFTs) based on wrestling superstars. These tokens are available on the Moonsault blockchain, created explicitly for buying, selling, and trading WWE NFTs. You can open an account and buy different collections, such as Hell in the Cell and Halloween Drop. You can buy these NFTs at the WWE Moonsault official platform or other mini NFT marketplaces.

Updated on 01/25/2023: added news about the WWE NFT latest collection and predictions.

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