All You Need to Know About MonkeyBall ICO Crypto

All You Need to Know About MonkeyBall ICO Crypto

MonkeyLeague is a strategic Web3-based arcade soccer game available on Solana blockchain. Learn more about the game and its MonkeyBall crypto coin.

MonkeyLeague is a strategy-based soccer game that is deployed on the Solana blockchain and played on Web3. This game’s intense gameplay has contributed significantly to its rapid growth in the metaverse. This is why gaming enthusiasts are fervent on buying MonkeyLeague’s Monkey Ball NFT collection in metaverse.

To cater to its fans, the game has launched its own crypto token named MonkeyBall. The token can be used within the game to buy exclusive characters or players, special powers, and other gaming benefits. This guide will tell you everything you should know about MonkeyBall if you want to play MonkeyLeague.

What Is MonkeyBall Token?

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Monkey Ball crypto token is a digital currency that is sold by the Monkey Ball/League platform. This digital coin is responsible for upholding the entire gaming operations. Players can use these tokens as a form of currency to purchase new players, stadiums, in-game commodities, and entities. In addition, the cryptocurrency can be bought and sold like other crypto coins.

Once you use your tokens to buy a player or gaming feature, it is no longer available for other players. This is because each transaction is made and encrypted on the blockchain. This transfers the player’s information into a ledger to store the ownership rights. However, you can sell the players and receive payment in the Monkey Ball crypto coin.

In other words, anything you buy from Monkey Ball is an NFT (because you are the sole owner). As a result, it is governed by the same rules that apply to NFTs. You can also earn the crypto tokens as a reward because MonkeyLeague is a play-to-earn game. Moreover, you can top up your account directly from an exchange.

How Do Monkey Ball Game Tokens Work?

You can conduct multiple functions with the MonkeyBall game crypto coins, such as:

  • Engage in the virtual economy by bartering the tokens to buy players, stadiums, and all in-game commodities.
  • Use as an exchange coin on other cryptocurrency exchanges, as MonkeyBall token is tradable on other platforms. So, you can trade, buy, sell, hold, and invest it just like any other cryptocurrency.

Where to Buy MonkeyBall Crypto?

Obtaining a cryptocurrency can be a challenging task due to a lot of factors, such as location and ecosystem support. Some exchanges, such as Coinbase, do not support Monkey Ball crypto in their ecosystem. However, you can easily head over to these crypto marketplaces to buy the gaming token:

an icon of bybit, an icon of raydium, an icon of, an icon of prism, an icon of mexc global, an icon of latoken, an icon of jupiter marketplace
  • Bybit: This cryptocurrency exchange uses the ultra-fast matching engine to allow premium buying, selling, and trading of Bitcoin, altcoins, and NFTs.
  • Raydium: It is an Automated Market Maker (AMM) that allows the trading of digital currency and assets without permission by using liquidity pools. Like MonkeyLeague, it is also built on the Solana blockchain.
  • As one of the oldest crypto exchanges, it offers multiple services related to the trading of top crypto coins and digital assets. It has liquidity and trading volume while providing a safe and reliable forum to store and invest in cryptos.
  • Prism: It is a decentralized (direct peer-to-peer transaction and no intermediary is involved) exchange on the Solana blockchain. It has a user-friendly interface and provides the best trading for investors. You can also use its portfolio management tools to conduct an in-depth analysis of your investing activities.
  • MEXC Global: It is available in more than 70 countries and has almost 5 million regular users. The exchange supports 1600+ cryptocurrencies and promotes safe, secure, and speedy transactions.
  • Latoken: It is an international crypto exchange that combines commerce and banking with blockchain technology. As a result, you can have smooth and fast transactions. The exchange also allows you to use all tokens, crypto airdrops, and crypto cards.
  • Jupiter: This decentralized crypto marketplace provides liquidity infrastructure for Solana. You can access precise crypto prices in real-time to make informed trading decisions. Jupiter also offers cross-chain liquidity, so you can immediately swap Solana with your required token.

If you want to know how to buy Monkey Ball crypto tokens, follow these steps:

Choose an Exchange: All exchanges have different rules, transaction fees, and security measures. Therefore, research and choose a secure and reasonable platform for your purchase.

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  1. Log into your wallet.
  2. Copy your address in the Solana blockchain.
  3. Deposit Solana.
  4. Choose a crypto exchange, find MBS
  5. Enter your wallet address copied earlier
  6. Confirm the transaction

What Is the Current Rate of MonkeyBall Crypto?

The current rate of MonkeyBall cryptocurrency is $0.0684. The coin’s value has decreased by 14% in the last week. However, it has recently boosted by 2.32%, so you should buy it as soon as possible. If you want to keep a constant check on the ongoing price of MonkeyBall, go to CoinMarketCap to view the ongoing price and trading rate.

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What Is MonkeyBall ICO and IDO?

An ICO or initial coin offering is a way to raise funds to generate new cryptocurrencies. The MonkeyBall ICO is expected to launch soon, but so far, the gaming company has not announced a specific date.

Meanwhile, an IDO is a crowdfunding technique that facilitates companies to launch their native coin (token) through a decentralized exchange. Monkey Ball crypto tokens first started out as decentralized IDO on November 30, 2021, and ended on December 3, 2021. Over the time period, the company raised more than $3 million for tokens. As a result, it distributed 1,000,000,000 tokens to contributors.

MonkeyBall NFT Drop 2022

MonkeyLeague first launched its NFT collection in December 2021. The company received a total of $3 million in funding from leading crypto VCs and founders, such as Solana Capital, Republic, Jump, NFX, MarketAcress, Playtika, DraftKings, eToro, CMS, etc. These funds were used for building a high-production game and NFT Drop.

This year, the gaming organization dropped a new NFT collection named the Monkey Ball Gen Zero NFT. It has 32 player traits and appearances, which users can buy to manage and expand their team.

The NFT drop was set for January 7, 12 AM AEST. However, the official website showed that the NFT drop had ended prior to the drop timings. Some individuals used SOL transactions to mint NFTs, but they did not receive the collection despite the deduction in their accounts.

As it turned out, hackers created a fake subdomain that appeared minutes before the countdown. As users clicked on the compromised link to buy NFT, all the transactions directly landed in the hackers’ accounts.

Wrapping Up

MonkeyLeague is an arcade game based on soccer that is available on Web3 (Solana blockchain). You can buy certain players and stadiums to improve your team by using Monkey Ball tokens. These tokens are cryptocurrencies that you can buy from certain exchanges. You can also win this as a reward by regularly playing the game. In addition to using the tokens in the game, you can also buy, sell, hold, and invest them. However, make sure to check the current market rate before making the investment. does not provide financial advice, any information available on this website is ‘general’ in nature and for informational purposes only. Do not use it as a guidance for investments.


Can you earn with MonkeyBall NFT?

Yes. The NFT game, Monkey Ball, enables players to earn money by playing the game.

When can I buy MonkeyBall crypto?

You can buy MonkeyBall crypto anytime from the selected crypto exchanges: Bybit, Raydium,, Prism, MEXC Global, Latoken, and Jupiter. 

What is the best time to invest in MonkeyBall cryptos?

Most crypto values rise in the first ten days of the month and collapse afterward (second half of the month). However, crypto is a volatile asset, and the price can change anytime. Therefore, you should check the current rate before investing in MonkeyBallcrypto.

How many Monkey Ball tokens are there?

There are almost 1,000,000,000 Monkey Ball tokens created by MonkeyLeague.

What's the difference between MonkeyBall and MonkeyLeague?

The game was first launched under the name of MonkeyBall. However, people kept confusing it with the SEGA Super-Monkey-Ball game, and SEGA prevented UnCaged Studios (founder of MonkeyLeague) from using their trademark name. Therefore, the developer changed the name to MonkeyLeague. So, there is no difference between MonkeyBall and MonkeyLeague.

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