Southpark NFTs: ‘The Return of Covid’ Pokes Fun at the Hype and Explains the NFT Mainstream Craze

Southpark NFTs: ‘The Return of Covid’ Pokes Fun at the Hype and Explains the NFT Mainstream Craze

South Park has long explored finance from a variety of angles, so it could not help but notice the growing popularity of virtual digital assets.

How are NFTs portrayed in “Post Covid: The Return of Covid?”

The comedic plot of the episode “South Park Post Covid” includes scenes unfolding one night of the terrible chaos in the town that overtook everyone in the future after the COVID -19 pandemic.

Through the eyes of the main characters – two boys – we see destroyed buildings, victims, corpses everywhere and the aftermath of the massacre. What’s happened? Firefighters trying to clean up the streets declare, “The NFT has begun to spread.”

The main characters, the boys Stan and Kyle, find out that their former classmate Leopold “Butters” Stotch is playing the alter ego of “Victor Chaos,” who at the time of the prisoner’s actions had evil superpowers that could wreak havoc in the world. In reality, he convinced numerous investors to invest their entire life savings in NFTs. The tragedy is that the most mundane crypto collectibles and crypto artworks in South Park are sold for unrealistically high sums that these works are not worth.

With the hype around non-fungible tokens, the show’s creators show the future superiority of Ethereum (ETH), now the second most popular coin in terms of total market capitalization, over the leading cryptocurrency Bitcoin (BTC).

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The main prediction of the cartoon series: cryptocurrencies will be the dominant payment method in the future, but investing in NFTs is a real death sentence.

Why was not Butters in Post Covid? (Caution: spoiler)

Butters Stotching will be a recurring character in the sequel to Covid in South Park. He is Victor Chaos. He was kept in an insane asylum by his father after being grounded and stayed in his room for 16 years without returning.

Does South Park have NFTs?

The only thing Stan, Kyle, Wendy and their friends want is to go back in time to stop COVID, not like all the adults in South Park talking about cryptocurrencies and NFTs. Who knows if they managed or not? We mean, in the South Park universe, everyone has them. The company that produces the animated series does not have them. You can change it, though! Finally, anyone can purchase the rights to any episode of the series if they are interested.

What does NFT mean?

NFT (non-fungible tokens) is a unique entity of the blockchain network (a decentralized database that stores information about all transactions in the form of a chain of blocks) responsible for providing data about the owner of digital assets, as there is simply no identical version of such data. Its uniqueness means the impossibility of copying and transfer of property rights, but not the transfer of copyrights.

An indispensable NFT can be understood as a digital ownership certificate for a digital resource: an image, a gif, a video, an account, an audio, or even your brain uploaded to the Internet and turned into AI. NFTs allow borrowers to tell the buyer if they own the original copy.

How are NFTs different from cryptocurrencies?

CA cryptocurrency is something that can be used to make arbitrary transactions on the blockchain. It is a digital currency that can be bought with ordinary money: Dollars, Yen or Euros. NFTs, unlike cryptocurrencies like Ethereum (ETH) or Bitcoin (BTC), can only be bought with cryptocurrencies because they are only part of the blockchain.

Why are NFTs so popular?

Much of the NFT hype has to do with the sale of digital art. It’s sort of an evolution of art collecting, although your well-crafted tweet can be bought, too. The Tesla Roadster swap for NFTs and the sale of the first Wikipedia article for $750,000 in NFTs suggest that non-fungible tokens are appealing to the mainstream.

This popularity is based on the fact that NFTs offer the opportunity to own the sole right to something that cannot be copied. Generally, one owns the original art. For example, you see Van Gogh paintings on T-shirt prints, but there are real paintings by the artist that are sold in a single copy for a lot of money.

If this continues, the idea of “South Park Post Covid” will become a reality. How do the creators of the animated series use jokes to describe the effects of the NFT? Jokes not from “South Park” only explain the concept of NFT and how to understand crypto jargon, but also provide insight into the upcoming crypto world.

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