Unknown Ethereum Developers: Miroslav Lehotsky

Unknown Ethereum Developers: Miroslav Lehotsky

Ethereum has been developed by thousands of developers, and all the community buzz is about Buterin. Meet Miroslav Lehotsky, silent Ethereum developer from Slovakia.

Ethereum is an open source project at Github and for now it has more than 22k commits at 1,109 contributors. But do we really know everything about top Ethereum developers who has developed the second largest cryptocurrency in the world? Leaving aside Vitalik Buterin, who have played not the least role in this history? Let’s have a look.

Who is Mr Lehotsky?

Meet Miroslav Lehotsky, Software Engineer from Bratislava, Slovakia. Miroslav Lehotsky has been involved in the software industry and Ethereum blockchain development since early 2017, when all that crypto-buzz have started to arise.

miroslav lehotsky photo
Miroslav Lehotsky

Lehotský graduated from Masaryk University of Brno, Czech Republic, in 2017 and then moved to Slovakia to get his Master degree at Slovak University of Technology in 2019.

Lehotsky and Ethereum

He started as an intern in Tieto, Czech software development company, in 2016. There he worked with cloud platform OpenStack, created API automating scripts. There Mr Lehovsky got interested with blockchain and made his first commits to Ethereum development.

In the second half of 2016 he got a position of Java Application Developer at IBM, where he worked with various programming languages, such as Java 8/11, gradle/maven, Spring (Boot, Cloud, Security, Data, Actuator), lombok Microservices, REST API, Swagger.

miroslav lehotsky badges
Miroslav Lehotsky’s Certificates. Source: Credly.com

Since 2021 he is working as Senior Software Engineer at Fiserv in Slovakia.

Other Projects: e-commerce, crawlers and crypto wallet

Lehotsky has a wide range of experience in the software engineering field, having worked on projects ranging from web-based applications to enterprise applications, for example backend service for e-shop selling animal products. During his career Lehotsky has developed and managed numerous software projects, ranging from large corporate projects to smaller, independent projects, like digital wallet. Lehotsky has also been involved in the development of several popular open-source projects, according to his GitHub profile.

If you want to hire Ethereum developers, such people like Lehovsky will be a good choice: young, educated, skilled and experienced, blockchain-savvy specialist.

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