ConsenSys Announces MetaMask Learn as Web3 Study Platform

ConsenSys Announces MetaMask Learn as Web3 Study Platform

Read about new MetaMask Learn platform, its importance and how to get started through interesting classes and interactive simulations.

As the top self-custodial wallet in the world, MetaMask is dedicated to democratizing decentralized technology and understands that the spread of web3 technology depends on the creation of educational resources. To assist users in becoming familiar with the world of web3 and self-custodial wallets, yesterday MetaMask made the twit with the news of launching a learning simulation platform:

10 languages is already available at the platform: English, Bahasa (Indonesia), Chinese, Portuguese, Tagalog (the Philippines), Spanish, Russian, Ukrainian, Turkish and Vietnamese. Italian, French, German, Arabic and more languages will be added soon.

What is MetaMask Learn?

MetaMask Learn is a new project from teams within ConsenSys gathered together. Anyone interested in learning about web3 can use the free educational platform MetaMask Learn, which is available in 10 languages. You can learn about web3, its importance, and how to get started through interesting classes and interactive simulations.

Initial eight subjects in the MetaMask Learn consist of description of web3, crypto wallets, digital identity, self-custody, digital ownership, NFTs, decentralization and crypto communities. You will gain an understanding of how the MetaMask wallet functions and be shown the potential of this new web through interactive simulations in each class.

Here you can see a part from MetaMask Learn platform:

Purpose of MetaMask Learn

According to Gemini’s 2022 Global State of Crypto survey, respondents were almost twice as likely to think that more instructional resources (40%) than recommendations from friends (22%) would help them get started with cryptocurrency.

MetaMask Learn hopes to combat fraudsters who prey on naive victims by giving you the necessary knowledge to comprehend self-custody and true ownership, in addition to assisting more people become educated in the area.

Who Needs MetaMask Learn?

MetaMask Learn will help you if:

  • You have an interest in web3, but are unsure of how to start.
  • You have purchased some cryptocurrency on an exchange, but are unsure of what to do with it.
  • Due to excessive use of jargon, web3 principles are still beyond your comprehension.
  • You just want to stay up with your buddies who go on about this new digital era and its possibilities.
  • You want to know what all the commotion there is about with web3.

The list might continue. But at its core, MetaMask Learn is made for anyone willing to accept the risk of venturing into unfamiliar territory. You are free to move through the lectures at your own speed, engage with the simulation’s features, and have those wonderful “yeah” moments when you finally understand crucial ideas.

How to Start Using MetaMask Learn?

The MetaMask platform looks great but simple visually. It is easy to use both on your computer or a mobile device. You don’t even need to register to start a fascinating simulation journey into the cryptocurrency world. All you have to do is to click the “Start Course” button and you’re in business.

You will gain an understanding of how the MetaMask wallet works and learn the potential of this new web through interactive simulations.

You can come back in every lesson clicking “Prev” if you want to go deeper into a lesson or just repeat what you’ve just learned. Or you can click “Next” to go further if you for example want to learn the exact topic.

MetaMask Learn Plans

To better reflect its international audience, MetaMask intends to offer more language support in the near future and also will keep adding lessons that can catch the users’ attention. And also you can be the first who knows the release of new lessons on the platform and receive extra resources to help you get started in web3 by subscribing to Learn newsletter.

Final Thoughts

Despite the fact that trust in custodial platforms has decreased as a result of the recent systemic upheaval in the cryptocurrency ecosystem, 75% of survey participants said they had no idea how to use self-storage wallets.

By introducing a learning platform, MetaMask demonstrated the highest consideration for their clients. MetaMask Learn offers a fascinating and entertaining way to comprehend challenging web3 ideas by combining visual learning with action-oriented testing.

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